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It's difficult for companies to find the right formula for launching successful product campaigns, especially when this requires strategic marketing experiences and relationships that span beyond their core competencies. How do companies with limited resources retain a competitive edge. How do companies know how to hit the mark when a target has not been properly defined? How do companies create strategies when they are learning as they go?

Despite the unknowns, companies know that there are thousands of great products yet to be discovered; that there are thousands of businesses looking for new ideas. They also know they must expand in order to grow. However, how many companies can cross this chasm?

SuMaWah offers a Product Development Plan for manufacturers, developers, and retailers revving to launch a new product or idea. No matter what stage of development SuMaWah can connect you with the right partners and manage the entire process from concept to completion. SuMaWah offers a simple 10-part service designed to maximize perceived value and visibility for a product launch. Here is what it includes:


Product Idea:

  1. Create a concept from scratch,
  2. or help improve an existing idea.



  1. Market Research: Determine market need, pricing of similar products, and it’s expected longevity.
  2. User Group Study: Identify a target group of users and their specific needs.
  3. Technology Review: Define the current state of the technology from our worldwide partners.


Product Definition:

  1. Product Naming: Develop a memorable product name to resonate with the target
  2. Product Specification: Write a comprehensive product specification that includes product functionality, concept design and target price and sales expectations based on Market review.
  3. Trademark: Perform a trademark search that will either confirm the chosen name or alter it based on current registered Trademarks. Trademarks are files with the US Patent office for the product name(s).
  4. Website Registration: Register appropriate domain names for the eventual sales and promotion of the product.
  5. Branding and Identity: Create product Logo, branding and identifying marks. A style guide is produced for the production of the product.


Sourcing, Manufacturing and Development Selection:

  1. Select the best and most appropriate team to produce the product
  2. Project Management: Provide the project management and the “Glue” that sticks all of the parties together and enables clear communication no matter where the teams may reside or what languages they speak.


Product Design:

  1. Industrial Design: Create the industrial design for the product and coordinate directly with the manufacturing partners.
  2. User Interface Design: Evaluate the technology solution and create an easy Interface design solution that is targeted with the end user in mind.



  1. Developer Support: Work closely with our technology and development partners to ensure they are meeting the overall goals of the product definition.
  2. QA and testing: Evaluate the product at each stage of production to ensure the final result will be the best possible product.


Marketing and Advertising:

  1. Product Photography: Take photographs or make 3D renderings from CAD files for use in all sales materials
  2. Sell Sheets: We complete sales sheets as soon as possible in the process to enable pre-selling of the product into the channels.
  3. Marketing web site: Produce a marketing site to promote the product to buyers.
  4. Advertising: Plan, Create and implement Ad Campaigns that may include Magazine, TV, Internet and other Media sources.


Package Materials:

  1. Package Design: Design the best and most appropriate package based on the market channel.
    Gift boxes, Clamshell packs, blister packs or whatever is needed.
  2. Packaging Artwork: Design the packaging based on our product identity , branding and target users.
  3. User Manual: Write a comprehensive and easy to follow user manual is completed.
  4. Other Materials: Design any additional materials, such as registration cards, installation guides, quick reference cards etc.


Final Production Check:

  1. Final Production QA: Supervise the production line and test to ensure product has met the standards.
  2. Shipment and Logistics:  Ensure that the product makes it to the destination and into the sales channels


Follow-up, Support and Ongoing Evaluation:

  1. Sales Support: Train and support the sales and technical support staff.
  2. Evaluation: Re-evaluate the product after it gets to the market and make changes or modifications based on end user feedback and market response.
  3. Modify and Update: Modify and update the product as needed throughout the lifecycle to ensure success from beginning to end.

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